Monday, February 21, 2005


Hanadi, the 21st.of February.

1-Why do people smoke when they know how bad it is for their health?
- People smoke because they believe cigarettes help them calm down.They believe cigarettes help them to relax.
- They believe cigarettes help them to work better.
- They have a strong addition to nicotine.
- Some young people smoke because they think it makes them look more mature.
2-What makes people take up smoking in the first place?
-They want to try smoking. It may be just for fun.They want to know how it feels and taste.
- Many famous people can be seen smoking in the movies, tv and newspaper, and young people especially want to be like them so they imitate their behaviour.

3-What do you think of tobacco companies making money out of the sale of cigarettes? -It’s bad for tobacco companies to make money out of something that causes disease and death. They are sellig something that makes you die.
-Cigarette companies support tobacco farmers by buying their crops. Farmers should grow alternative crops and cigarettes companies should produce alternative products.

4-What do you think about governments collecting revenue from cigarette production?
-Revenue helps governments to pay for many expenses in a modern economy like pensions, health, jobs, education, pharmacenticals and defense etc… The government would lose a lot of money if they didn’t collect this revenue from cigarettes and other products.

Monday, January 31, 2005

MY First post

My name is Hanadi. I’m Lebanese and I came to Australia one year ago. I speak Arabic and my second language is French. I completed high school in 1998 after that I went to the university and studied Interior Designer Engineering I finished University in 2002 I have a degree in Architectural-Interior Design. I worked in Lebanon during my second year at the university for about 5 years in two companies of interior design engineering as an interior designer.

In 2003 I met my husband in Lebanon and we got engaged. On 29January I came to Australia to live with him. My family live in Lebanon but I have my husband’s family here .

When I came to Australia I was afraid because I couldn’t speak and understand English. Now I’m studying English at A.M.E.S because I want to speak English very well. I want to build a new life here. After I finish I will continue studying at university to obtain qualifications to open an Interior and Fashion Design business in Australia.